Beginning in 2009, Turnbridge Construction came online when the market in the Northeast was declining. Where others saw a bleak future, the founders of Turnbridge saw opportunity. Though there were plenty of smaller contractors in the market, there were always issues for Prime Contractors looking for a small business firm that had all of the pieces to the puzzle. Turnbridge Constructions’ Management Team put those pieces together, and has been moving forward ever since.

Our Accounting Staff has over 20 years of experience with Collective Bargaining Agreements, OCIP, AIA Requisitions, Change Order Billing, Certified Payroll, Insurance Requirements, Bonding, Utilization Reports, and Organized Labor Relations.

Our Estimating Department consists of over 40 years of combined experience, specializing in metal and wood framing, drywall, and large general trade estimates. We use the most current estimating software and provide the most competitive estimates with the best Scope Coverage.

Our Project Management Staff has over 15 years of experience with regard to large general trades and drywall projects. No matter how large or small the project, the same attention to detail is given. Submittals and shop drawings are produced within one week or contract award, with weekly attendance at meetings, and quick turn-around on pricing and PCO’s. Our Project Managers also control all field operations for their projects as well as ordering of material, especially long-lead items. We monitor schedules and submit two week look-aheads on a regular basis.

All project managers are Union carpenters by trade, with a wealth of higher education and advanced degrees complimenting their trade skills. All project managers and superintendents have e-mail capable phones for an immediate response and are OSHA 30 to ensure safety as our main priority

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have at any time.

Market Segments

  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Infrastructure

Corporate Highlights

  • Signatory Contractor, NERCC, Laborers, and IUPAT.
  • Insurance coverage to meet the most exhausting criteria of any CM or owner.
  • Project management experience in excess or $10,000,000 single limit.
  • The most comprehensive estimating and accurate budget numbers for your project.
  • Comprehensive corporate safety plan: (Employees: OSHA 10, Foremen: OSHA 30